Gluten free recipes for kids

Posted by mcmeth5 on August 8, 2012 at 3:00 AM

GFCF or gluten free and casein free diet is now growing with the increase in awareness of the foods that contain these ingredients. It is now well known as an alternative treatment for many kinds of diseases and most commonly, irregular bowel, autism, fibromyalgia etc. Gluten and Casein are, in fact, proteins that are present in the food naturally. You can find gluten in grains like wheat, rye and barley, while casein can be found in daily products. Usually the diet is followed by people who are allergic to the foods that contain gluten and casein. Managing a gluten free diet and healthy lifestyle Therefore if a child is having symptoms of gluten and casein, then he will have to stay away from milk products and wheat products. Many children suffer from Autism, which is a severe disease. Apart from medications and other treatments, it is also recommended to follow a strict diet that does not contain food that are made of gluten or casein, or even have a small portion included in the food. If you are interested to know more, take a look at Gluten free recipes for kids. Careful study and knowledge about the food and its ingredients can make it easy to change your lifestyle accordingly and have a healthy and balanced diet without consuming milk products and wheat products. What foods should be eaten? However, it is not very easy to choose such foods as many of the processed and canned foods contains gluten or Dairy free recipes for kids in them. The basic is to avoid rye, barley, semolina, Durham, wheat and Kamet. One should also stay away from matzo, spelt, bulgur and graham flour. One can find gluten free foods in grocery stores like the cereals, pasta, crackers, breads, buckwheat, quinoa, corn, amaranth and millet. One can easily prepare a nice dish using the above grains. At the stores you have to be careful what you choose and read the labels for ingredients used in the packed foods. Do not buy stuff that does not have a list of ingredients printed on it. Avoid starch malt, monosodium glutamate, and malt dextrose, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, texturized vegetable protein, and hydrolyzed plant protein. Casein free diet Casein free diet too needs one to be aware of the food that they eat daily and while buying they have to check out the labels that does not contain casein. The primary products are of course milk, ice-cream, butter and cream. Cheese is the major culprit as it contains high level of casein in it. Stay away from milk solids, casein ate, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, caseinogens and whey. It is easy to switch on alternative products like the rice milk, coconut milk, soy milk etc. Although they will not taste like milk in any way, they can be easily used for your breakfast cereal. One can even choose vegan dairy products like vegan cheese, ice cream that are made of soy base. Have a balanced diet with fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. Homemade food is also a best option to have a Gluten free and Casein free diet.  For more info, visit this URL. 

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